appointments dissapear


Hi Guys
Firstly, thanks to author for this brilliant control and secondly, thanks to everyone who has contributed so far.
I really hope there's someone else out here who's experienced and managed to fix this bug. I'm using the latest version of the control (from codeplex).
Sometimes (intermittently) when I click on an appointment, it will jump to the fullday section and display there until I do resolveappointments.
On the older version, the appointment simply seems to dissappear? I've noticed that the start and end date for the appointment is different when this happens, but it's very difficult to find where exactly things are going wrong?! The easiest way to reproduce is to create 2 appointments for the same time slot (preferably 12:00pm) on the same day. then click the one, then the other and then the first one again until it dissapears or goes to the fullday section.
Please, help if you can. I would really appreciate it.
by the way. This only happens when more than one day is shown ( when DayView.DaysToShow > 1)