Very disappointed

Jul 19, 2011 at 10:20 PM


first I saw you control I thought:

Wow they did a really nice work.

After I opened the source my thoughts changed and it's better when I won't articulate them.

Guy's I'm sure that your giving your best, but this piece of code can't be used for serious and professional database based applications.

The first what I've been searching for is the collection where the Appointment information is saved for the control.

Doesn't seem to be public defined.

Then I thought let's have a look into the (non) existence documentation.

And then I realized how you add your new Appointments.

        private void dayView1_ResolveAppointments(object sender, ResolveAppointmentsEventArgs args)
            List<Appointment> m_Apps = new List<Appointment>();

            foreach (Appointment m_App in m_Appointments)
                if ((m_App.StartDate >= args.StartDate) &&
                    (m_App.StartDate <= args.EndDate))

            args.Appointments = m_Apps;
For real?
Damn I thought I can use it and save the time to write an own solution. Now I will have to strip it, take the good parts, make it usable with databases and ready for serious deployment.
Please don't take it to personal but I'm sure you did it for yourselfe without mention that your code is almost unreadable for outstanding people.
Aug 19, 2011 at 9:44 PM


First of all sorry for poor english i'm not a native english talker. Thank you for review but i think you get misunderstood method for resolving appointments.

Most of other similar controls needs a collection to show active appointments. But that design is not work for example whole year range. This bad for database, bad for memory.

Thats way i have added the ResolveAppointment event to fetch only needed appointments in visible time range. This more efficent i think.

For code quality, i written this component very long time ago, until this time i have constantly merged the other people's code to fix bugs and add features. Sorry but that is all I can do in my free time.